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We offer many different services as well as weekly lawn care. We do not mow in the same direction twice in a row unless it is unavoidable. This keeps the grass at a uniform length and leaves a professional appearance. String trimmer is used to bevel edges against sidewalks, trees, garden areas, fences, etc. for a clean, finished look. We use an edger on all areas that are next to concrete to keep the grass from encroaching on and over the sidewalk or driveway. This service is free for customers who have signed a year or greater contract and is available for a nominal fee to anyone upon request. Finally, we blow off all debris (soil, grass clippings, etc.) from walking areas, sidewalks, sitting areas and driveways. In the Fall or early Spring, we may blow leaves and other debris onto grass before mowing and collection.



The average yard is compacted, causing difficult conditions for healthy grass growth. We use Core Aeration, which removes small plugs from the yard, allowing water and nutrients to more efficiently penetrate the soil, promoting more vigorous root and blade growth. We use a riding plug aerator which can pull a 4″ plug from the most difficult of soil types. We need at least a 50″ opening to access gated back yards and the path must be paved or made of a solid material.

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Fertilizer Application:

We use Accuspray Solutions for our fertilizer program. They are a trusted local company using both granular and liquid fertilizer applications to encourage the grass to come out of hibernation in the spring, providing important nutrients at the right time with pure organ seaweed extract and chelated iron. These extra ingredients give the turf the added nutrients it needs for prolonged sustainability and are healthy for the Earth. Fall fertilization gives roots nutrients that they need to come up strong next season and survive the stresses of winter. We suggest 3-5 fertilizer applications a year to maintain and maximize a healthy lawn.


We do Not…

Offer bi-weekly or on-call lawn care. If your back yard has a gate, it must be a minimum of 50″ wide to provide access for our machines, or we cannot access your yard or may damage your fence in the process. We do not sign contracts for seasonal lawn care (unless we are working with a commercial location), we want you to be in control and not feel locked into a service you don’t want. Situations change; you move to a new location, family member needs a new chore or budget flexibility changes.


We Do want…

You to be happy with your lawn and service!


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