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What can we do for you?

We offer a full range of landscaping services from new installation of your entire landscape, to a custom flagstone patio in your existing landscape. How about a pergola with a fire pit and water feature? We do that. How about a xeriscape design instead of a yard full of water hungry Bluegrass? We do live in a semi-desert! Fences, concrete walkway and slab removal, sprinkler system re-work, clean-ups and so much more!

What we do for you without you having to ask:

We use the latest and best practices in the industry. In terms of sprinklers: We make sure your back-flow device has a bleeder valve before entering the house and a blowout port for sprinkler winterization. We also only work in copper piping above ground. Our manifolds have an auto-drain and silicon wire connectors, so we don’t have to come back year after year to repair what should have been done right the first time! We use matched precipitation heads and make sure your lawn is getting evenly covered with the least amount of waste possible. Why have an expensive sprinkler head if it is costing you money?

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